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eyes and eyeglasses. photo by Alina Oswald.

On Photographing People who Wear Eyeglasses

How to photograph people who're wearing glasses.

In-Studio Self-Portraits with the Bokeh Master

In-studio self-portraits with Sigma 105mm f/1.4.

Photography: My First Mentor

How and why I got interested in photography, in particular black-and-white photography and self-portraiture You might already know that I'm a writer and photographer. While these days I do both writing and photography, writing came first. Then, I discovered photography. My interest in photography truly started when stumbling upon the work of award-winning, legally blind ...

Expressing Personalities

Expressing Personalities in Photography Capturing facets of someone's personality in images As photographers we try to capture the personalities of our subjects, regardless of what or who we photograph. People and animals have personalities, but so do buildings, statues and flowers for that matter. Sometimes, portrait photographers get to capture facets of our subject or ...

Dress Code for Photographers and Writers

Dress Code for Freelance Writers and Photographers Years ago I used to walk in the Halloween Parade in New York City. I wouldn't dress up for Halloween. Instead, I'd walk with a friend who always knows how to dress to impress. While he'd put on self-made black-leather wings and leather pants, I'd go as his ...


What I Would Tell My Younger Self

Note to self, at the beginning of the New Year A couple of years ago I was attending an event, one of the many, at Symposia bookstore, in Hoboken, New Jersey. By the way, thanks to its dedicated manager, Carmen Rusu, Symposia is the place to be while in Hoboken. A block away from the ...


Photographing One's (Own) Self   Self-portraits can teach us a lot, especially for those of us, portrait and headshot photographers, and not only. Self-portraits help reveal who we are as creatives, and also as individuals. More often than not, photographers feel at home behind the camera. Place them in front of their own lens, and ...