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Testing, Testing: Sigma, Nikon and Tamron

Testing photography gear. Photographing the same subject using different lenses.

Testing, Testing with Sigma 105mm f/1.4 ART

Testing the Sigma 105mm f/1.4 for Nikon. Product photography.


On Photographing Weddings

Photographing Weddings - A Comprehensive Photographic Experience Although I've been photographing for publications and small businesses for several years now, I've started shooting weddings only a few short years ago. The experience (of shooting weddings, especially as a main photographer) can be quite overwhelming, but it can also teach you a lot, and not only ...

The Small Things – Jewelry (Wedding) Photography and More

Capturing Wedding Details - Photographing Jewelry and Other Details at a Wedding   Photographing weddings provides a good and comprehensive lesson in, well, photography. That's because photographing weddings requires the photographer to be the proverbial Jack of all trades--that  is, to photograph people (in studio as well as on location), events, interiors and also exteriors, ...

On Product Photography

A Few Tips on Product Photography Product photography might just be the unsung hero of photography. It doesn’t come with the glamour of fashion photography or with the glory of a war or photojournalism assignment. It doesn’t quite appear in National Geographic or Sports Illustrator. And yet, product photography has its charm, and also purpose. ...