The Small Things – Jewelry (Wedding) Photography and More

Wedding Details photography. ©Alina Oswald All Rights Reserved.

Capturing Wedding Details – Photographing Jewelry and Other Details at a Wedding

Photographing weddings provides a good and comprehensive lesson in, well, photography. That’s because photographing weddings requires the photographer to be the proverbial Jack of all trades–that is, to photograph people (in studio as well as on location), events, interiors and also exteriors, and products (including food, flowers, and jewelry). So, yes, as a wedding photographer, you kind of do it all.

In this post I’d like to take a look at those detail shots that are oftentimes overlooked and considered, well, details, as in not important or at least not important enough.

But first, before I continue let me say this: creatives are, at least in part, storytellers. Some use words to tell stories, while others, like photographers, use images. And so, we tell stories, visual stories, through our images, while painting with light. If an image is worth a thousand words, several hundred images captured at a wedding, well, you make the math and see how many words they’re worth.

  • Jewelry Ball. Wedding Photography by Alina Oswald.
  • Wedding Details photography. ©Alina Oswald All Rights Reserved.
  • Wedding Details photography. ©Alina Oswald All Rights Reserved.
  • Wedding Details photography. ©Alina Oswald All Rights Reserved.
  • Wedding Details photography. ©Alina Oswald All Rights Reserved.
  • Engagement Photography. The Ring.

The thing is, while photographing a wedding, and even more, while photographing the pre-wedding and engagement images, we, as photographers, tell the wedding story and that couple’s love story. And so, photographing a wedding means telling the story of that very special day, and using images to tell the story in a visual way, of course.

While we write down and try to follow our shot list, we don’t have to forget about the details that need to be captured while photographing a wedding. While they are, well, ‘just details,’ they are important details that help tell the wedding day story. Without details shots, the wedding story would not be complete.

Hence, details are important. They invite us inside their universe, offering us a break, an escape from the craziness (as creative as it might be) of the wedding day. What are these details shots? Well,  they can include the rings, wedding bands, bride(s)/groom(s) jewelry, and also bridal bouquet, flowers, the cake, a detail of the wedding dress, the shoes, and so much more.

Photographing the small universe of a wedding day includes photographing the wedding cake decorations, flowers, candle lights, holders, and the like.

Bridal Bouquet. B&W photo by Alina Oswald.
Bridal Bouquet. Photo by Alina Oswald.

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