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eyes and eyeglasses. photo by Alina Oswald.

On Photographing People who Wear Eyeglasses

How to photograph people who're wearing glasses.

Expressing Personalities

Expressing Personalities in Photography Capturing facets of someone's personality in images As photographers we try to capture the personalities of our subjects, regardless of what or who we photograph. People and animals have personalities, but so do buildings, statues and flowers for that matter. Sometimes, portrait photographers get to capture facets of our subject or ...

Photographing Men in Shirts and T-Shirts

Photographing Men   Men photographed on location:

Color vs Black-and-White

Considering converting a color image to black-and-white: the what, when, why, and also how Color or black-and-white? That is the question. So, what is it gonna be? When and why should we consider converting an image, a color image, to black-and-white? Certain visual stories are best told in color, while others in black-and-white. To learn ...

My 12 Defining Moments of 2016

When does the final countdown of an year begin? Is it Thanksgiving? Is it the winter holidays? Either way, as this year is coming to an end (they always do, don't day?), I try to take that last look at 2016 and remember it by some of, what I consider, its most remarkable events. So, ...