Graffiti Art: Demolition Exhibition

Demolition Exhibition: Graffiti art in Jersey City, June 27 – July 4


Jersey City Pep Boys store, on Marin Blvd, is no more. The auto parts store is gone. The building emptied. Evacuated. Turned, quite shortly afterward, into a mesmerizing work of art.

I’m not the best person to have a word to say about graffiti work, but one doesn’t have to be. One glance at the transformed building would make everybody’s and anybody’s jaw drop. So, anyway, pressed and reminded repeatedly by friends to go and see the place, I finally caved. And I’m glad I did.


Here are a few images taken outside of the building. Images of the building, itself, taken with my iPhone. Every single square inch of the walls, doors, and everything in between used as a canvas.

Here are also a few images from inside the gallery:

Demolition Exhibition
Demolition Exhibition. Graffiti Art in Jersey City, NJ
Inside the Demolition Exhibition. Graffiti art. Photos by Alina Oswald.
Inside the Demolition Exhibition. Graffiti art. Photos by Alina Oswald.

And also, here are a few portraits of my friends taken outside the building, using the outside walls as a backdrop. (Thanks!)

About the Demolition Exhibition:

100 artists. 30,000 square feet of graffiti. #GVM004

Wonderfully done! I can only hope that Jersey City will be able to enjoy this artwork for a little while longer.

Thanks for visiting,

Alina Oswald

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