Women’s History Month

“Slipping Through My Fingers” – A Visual Story

Like the other black-and-white hand self-portraits I’ve posted so far this month, for Women’s History Month, the image I chose for today was also captured during the COVID quarantine, as part of a series I was working on at the time. I called the image “Slipping Through My Fingers,” inspired by the ABBA’s song with the same name.

Nowadays, this same image makes me think of our women’s rights, slipping through our fingers. And I sometimes wonder, do those (women included) advocating for women’s rights to be taken away, do they have any idea of what that would mean? Of not having rights would do to a person and how it would affect that person’s life? Sadly, some women are already finding out. Others are about to, and very soon. And that’s unfortunate….

Wall Art

As always, thanks for your support, and for stopping by,

Alina Oswald

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