“Look Up!”

On mood, moon, and meditation in photography

Perspective is oftentimes an important compositional element in photography. It can change the way we look at and capture a visual story unfolding right in front of our eyes.

So, today I’d like to share with you an image I captured during the holidays, and only because I just happened to change the vantage point from where I was photographing. One evening, as the late golden hour light was starting to turn blue, I looked up, only to notice the flying objects that live out there, far, far above our world:

a passing plane, flying by the mood, both illuminated by the late golden-hour light.

I called the image “Fly Me by the Moon at Sunset.”

Art Prints

I guess, sometimes all we have to do is look up, and imagine ourselves up there, if only for a brief moment.

As always, thanks for stopping by,

Alina Oswald

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