Photographing Legally Blind Individuals

Since I’ve recently interviewed award-winning, legally blind photographer Kurt Weston for A&U’s August 2022 cover story, today, I thought to revisit a blog post about photographing, posing and directing legally-blind individuals (subjects) during a photo shoot.

I hope you will join me in revisiting this aspect of photography and much more.
Alina Oswald

Alina Oswald

Have you ever wondered how photographers direct and pose people who are legally blind?

I ask, because when our subjects have very limited (if at all) eyesight, they can’t really look where we tell them to look, without a bit of additional help. So, how do we, photographers, communicate with these subjects? How do we guide them in order to best express their personalities?

Let me start with a brief personal experience interacting with legally blind individuals.

My first up close and personal encounter with a legally blind (almost completely blind) individual happened years ago when I was teaching high school math. I had a student who had very little eyesight. He was a tall and skinny guy, kinda shy, but once you got to connect with him, he could really chat. And he knew his way through the entire school building. We were meeting for after-school studies, while I…

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