September 11 – Twenty Years Later

9/11 Tribute Lights, 2021. ©Alina Oswald.

Today is September 11, 2021. To this day, we still remember where we were and what we were doing on this day, twenty years ago. (I was teaching a classroom full of students, when a school official stepped inside the room and whispered to me that two planes had hit the WTC towers…and I remember that the two thoughts crossed my mind, pretty much in the same time:

  • Why are you telling me this? What should I do with this information? (I had no idea what had actually happened)
  • How come the pilots could not see the towers, on such a beautiful, sunny, clear day? (again, at the time, in that moment, I had no idea, none of us did)

Then we all went to the cafeteria. The TV was on. We watched in horror and silence….

For many years now I’ve tried to photograph 9/11 commemorations and related events taking place in and around the NYC Metro area. Last night, on the eve of September 11 20th anniversary, I photographed the Tribute Lights, yet again.

Take a look.

Also, check out more of my September 11 related images here.

Today, September 11, 2021, I’ll be out and about, trying to photograph as much as I can. Will be back with new and more images, hopefully in a few days.

‘Til then, stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

Canvas Art

As always, thanks for stopping by,

Alina Oswald

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