World AIDS Day 1988-2018

World AIDS Day: 1988 – 2018

Today is World AIDS Day. Founded day thirty years ago, on December 1, 1988, World AIDS Day is a day when we look back at the history of the pandemic, remember those we’ve past, celebrate the lives of those living with the virus–long-term as well as newly-diagnosed–and take a moment to appreciate all the progress that’s been done so far, and the fight that’s still ahead of us. World AIDS Day also offers a reason for those who don’t usually think or talk or read about HIV or AIDS to do just that.

So, this year, three decades after it was founding, how should we celebrate this particular World AIDS Day 2018? Here are a re ideas:

I, for one, will be in Orange County, CA, at the opening night of Kurt Weston‘s photography show–Remember: An AIDS Retrospective–where I will also be talking about HIV, AIDS and the artwork that the pandemic has inspired, and more.

REMEMBER: An AIDS Memorial Retrospective

If you find yourselves in the NYC Metro area on World AIDS Day (WAD2018), go check out I Still Remember photography show at La Vie Galerie.

While in the NYC Metro area, stop by Housing Works bookstore and grab a copy of Bill Bytsura’s new photography book, The AIDS Activist Project .

Or go see the Bethesda Angel in Central Park, and then learn more about its symbolism through movies like Angels in America, and read about actors and activists who appeared in Angels.

Angel in Central Park. Photo by Alina Oswald.

Wear the red ribbon or the Until There’s A Cure bracelet or other HIV-awareness pieces of jewelry or clothing or other accessories for that matter. Read about the 25th anniversary of Until There’s A Cure.

Representing AIDS. Bags. Photo by Alina Oswald originally published in A&U Magazine.

Find out what Dab the AIDS Bear project is all about.

Behind the scenes shots during the HIV Warriors photo shoot. Photo by Alina Oswald.

Pick up a copy of A&U Magazine–America’s AIDS Magazine the first national magazine (founded in 1991) to cover HIV and AIDS.

Ron B at a 2018 pre-Halloween and bday No Boundaries show, poses with the June print issue of A&U Magazine—America’s Magazine opened to a feature story about the activist and actor.

Learn about the history of AIDS through its images.

Read books about the pandemic.

Journeys Through Darkness: A Biography. Cover design by Alina Oswald. Photo by Kurt Weston.

Buy HIV-inspired art:

With Dark Angel, one of my favorite photographs by Kurt Weston

Ask questions:

Check out MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) shows, such as Ron B’s No Boundaries Up Close and Personal, that mention HIV, AIDS and related activism.

Make this particular World AIDS Day a meaningful day. Learn something new about the pandemic. Ask an HIV activist–they have lots of stories to tell.

Have a peaceful, inspiring December 1.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Alina Oswald



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