Halloween Photography

Halloween Photography

What to Photography for Halloween?

A Bite from the Apple. Lensbaby Photography. Vampire Image by Alina Oswald.

When we think of capturing a visual interpretation of Halloween, oftentimes we think of photographing the Halloween Parade, vampires, ghosts, cemeteries, and the like. But how else can we capture Halloween?

We can try to capture the usual Halloween-related subjects, but in a new, unique, way, if possible. Or, we could think of other subjects and stories that could tell the story of Halloween in a fresh, new way.

Oftentimes, when we think of Halloween, we think of…things and creatures that scare us; we think of the idea of getting close to what scares us, to what we fear, perhaps from a place that we perceive as a safe place. So, when it comes to Halloween, what scares us the most? What are our darkest fears and how can we paint them with light and share them with others, in our own way?

Let’s start with the obvious Halloween subjects:

Vampires – “I speak Vampire” (it is actually true, and that’s what I told a local magazine covering the opening of Of The Mind show, in 2014). I also get along quite nicely with vampires, too, and they do let me photograph them. Here are a few images:

Halloween Parade – I used to go to the Village Halloween Parade with friends, and photographed them and others in their Halloween costumes; an interesting experience

Cemeteries and Graves: perhaps think of what cemeteries and graveyards mean to you–resting places, haunted grounds, reminders of lives that once were, and so on

Also, here’s an image taken a few years ago, while in New Orleans, during an actual Ghosts and Vampires Tour with the phenomenal Lord Chaz. Now, that was memorable experience.

Vampire and Ghost Tour in French Quarter, New Orleans. #tbt Photo by Alina Oswald.

After photographing what one might expect to see on or around Halloween, you can get creative. Ask yourself what does Halloween mean to you, personally? Maybe look inside yourself and face your fears, your innermost fears, and try to express them visually, somehow.

The Beast Inside, Vampire Photography by Alina Oswald
The Beast Inside. #tbt. Vampire Photography by Alina Oswald

Or try your hand at self-portraiture…with a Halloween twist:

Mask-arade, a self-portrait. #tbt
Alina – self-portrait a #tbt
Awaiting Sentencing. A Self-Portrait. #tbt

Or experiment some more:

Superstitions. Vampire Photography by Alina Oswald.

Dress up and celebrate Halloween with friends and neighbors, and also friends who’re also your fantastic models:

Or you can celebrate Halloween by attending or being part of an amazing show, such as Ron B’s pre-Halloween show, No Boundaries: Up Close and Personal. Here’s a peek:

Ron B’s pre-Halloween 2018 show, No Boundaries Up Close and Personal, is in studio at MNN. Photo by Alina Oswald.

Wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!

And as always, thanks for stopping by,

Alina Oswald

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