Attending the Annual PDN Photo Plus Expo

On the importance of attending photography trade shows

snapshots from PDN 2018 Photo Plus Expo.

Each year, the last weekend of October is a bliss for many photographers in the New York City area, and around the country and the world. That’s when PDN Photo Plus Expo comes to Javits Center in New York City. I always do my best to show up.

I believe that there’s a lot to learn from attending such events. Here are only a few reasons. By attending photography events such as the annual PDN Photo Expo, you can:

snapshots from PDN 2018 Photo Plus Expo.

– find out what’s new in the photography world, and not only

– check out and try out the newest gear

– mingle with fellow photographers

– might even be able to get additional discounts for the gear already on or about to add to your wish list

– as part of attending the show, attend workshops, learn new things, get ideas, and ask as many questions as you want

– attend each day and check out the gear on your wish list several times; take notes

– also, have the opportunity to win something–gear, magazine subscriptions, etc, or buy something (gear, books, magazine subscriptions, etc) at a very reasonable, discounted, price

– mostly, it is pure bliss to walk around, surround yourself with information, gear, and mostly like-minded people, maybe even run into old friends or individuals you haven’t seen in too long of a time

snapshots from PDN 2018 Photo Plus Expo.

In the past, I used to stop by each and every booth, pick up every single piece of information and/or advertising, and so on. Over the years, I’ve become more…selective. While still strolling up and down each and every row, I stop at some selective tables, usually not with general questions in mind, but, I hope, with more selective questions. (I usually try to do my homework, research desired new gear, before the photo expo, and, by the way, try to register in advance, too.) Also, I always find the entire event, all three days of PDN Expo, a truly amazing experience. I highly recommend it! There’s a lot to learn from it, no matter where you’re on your journey through photography.

Hope some of you got to attend the event, this past weekend or will attend similar photography events in the near future.

Until then, thanks for stopping by!

Alina Oswald

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