Getting Ready for the Opening Night

Getting Ready for the Opening Night

How do artists prepare for the opening night?

The opening night of your show is always a magical time. It is the moment you’ve been waiting for all along, and it triggers a variety of reactions and feelings–from happiness to anxiety, and everything in between. A million of questions and self-doubts run through your mind: from “what should I wear” to “what if nobody shows up” and so on.

Red Glove.

And the best thing for you to do is to breath. Exhale. It’s OK. Remind yourself that this is, after all, a dream come true. You wanted this to happen, to show and share your work with the world…so count your blessings.

And then start preparing for the opening night of your show. Think of how you want to present yourself, to show yourself to your audience. Do you want to present yourself as solely the artist, allowing no glimpse into you, the person behind the artwork? How much or how little do you want to talk about your work? How do you relate to the work? Do you look, speak, dress, walk like the artist and creator of that particular artwork or how people would imagine that artist to look like? Do you want to use clothing and makeup to enhance that artist/artwork link, connection…or not?

In general, as photographers and as visual artists, we wear black when we work (at least as photographers, so that our clothes do not reflect the light) and also when we show off our work. Because black absorbs all colors of the light, it does not attract attention, and, hence, it does not distract from the actual art work.

And still, what to wear, as an artist, at your own opening show?

Let me start with a side note here: if clothing is your art then might as well wear your art if it helps the show. Why not?

La Vie Galerie grand opening Oct 5, 2018, 6-9 pm

As a photographer or visual artist, consider wearing black, but make sure that whatever you decide to wear helps define you–not only as an artist, but also as the creator of the artwork presented at the show.

Also, bring business cards, pen, and make a few notes or mind notes about your work. Be aware that you might be asked questions about your work–what it represents, where you photographed it, what inspires you or your work in general, even more detail questions about how you created that art work, etc.

And also, bring a camera and definitely your smartphone for pictures and group selfies and the like.

If you want to check out such an experience (without the butterflies in your stomach), stop by the grand opening of La Vie Galerie, on Friday, October 5, in Livingston, New Jersey. Check out some of the artwork, including a few of my own black-and-white images. Most importantly, meet the exhibiting artists, in particular, Vladimir Rios, who made it all possible. And check out my interview with Rios published in Out IN Jersey Magazine.

Stop by and say “Hi” if you’re in the area. Hope to see you there!

Until then and as always, thanks for visiting me here, online!

Alina Oswald

PS: here are a few images from La Vie Galerie opening night:



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