No Boundaries: On the Set of Ron B’s Show

On the set of Ron B’s show, No Boundaries: Up Close and Personal, at MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network)

“Just call me Ron B,” the out trans actor, activist, and Tina Turner impersonator once told me, back in 2008, when I first interviewed her after meeting her at a World AIDS Day 2007 event. Who’s Ron B? She’s an inspiring person, an activist, and also an actor–she appeared in Angels in America and Law & Order among others. Ron B. is a mentor, impersonating in a way many people’s goals, inspiring and empowering others and guiding others on how to make it not only in Manhattan or in the world of entertainment but most importantly, in life.

Photographing Ron B’s show No Boundaries: Up Close and Personal, taped at MNN, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Ron B. has invited me on her show, to participate in a panel discussion in various panel discussions, oftentimes about women artists and women empowerment, women rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and the still ongoing fight to end HIV and AIDS. And, by the way, Ron B’s show (now an award-winning show) No Boundaries Up Close and Personal is taped at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in New York City.

The experience of being on the No Boundaries show is always one-of-a-kind. Fantastic. Fabulous. Unique. Eye-opening, too. And while I always feel humbled and honored to be in front of the camera (and Ron B always puts everybody, all the panelists, at ease in front of the camera) I often feel much more comfortable behind the scenes, photographing the show (the celebrity host, the guests, and the like). And, luckily for me, over the years, I’ve been invited on No Boundaries several times, to talk about anything and everything from women’s rights and LGBTQIA rights to the fight to end HIV and AIDS, and many others.

Here are, for instance, a few images of Ron B. and PepC performing on the set of No Boundaries, after a particular panel discussion:

  • Ron B performance at MNN in NYC

Thank you Ron B. and also, many thanks to the entire MNN team!

And, as always, a big thank you to my readers, for stopping by! I appreciate it very much,

Alina Oswald


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