International Workers’ Day

International Workers Day First of May is International Workers' Day also known as May Day or "Labor Day" how those outside the U.S. call it. Today, I can't help but think of those who've come before us, fought and sacrificed for future generations to have a better life. Come to think of it, I went ...


Covering news, events and happenings Shuttle Enterprise Photographing Hurricane Sandy   Photographing Winter Blizzards in NYC Area Ceremonies surrounding the death of late Polish president, April 2010: 9/11 Tribute Lights and Ceremonies in NYC Area: Silence = Death 30th Anniversary at the Leslie Lohman museum of art. Also, read the article published in A&U Magazine--America's ...

Real estate photography by Alina Oswald.

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography Here are a few examples of my real estate photography--interiors:   Real estate photography--exteriors:      

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