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People walk on a lonely pier, by a lonely lighthouse, during coronavirus pandemic. ©Alina Oswald.

Keeping Up with Life during Covid19 Pandemic

...or at least trying to I've lost track of time. These days it's like living in a loop, to some extend. There's no weekend, no week day. There's checking in with family and friends, scrubbing hands with soap and water, watching (mostly local) press conferences while holding my breath for the latest updates, which never ...

Spanish Bay, by Hans Hirschi. Book cover.

Spanish Bay, by Hans Hirschi – A Book Tour

Spanish Bay - A Book Tour - An excerpt from Hans Hirschi's new novel I have to start by saying that I haven't been part of too many book tours, virtual or otherwise, so I look forward to the experience. I met author Hans Hirschi by chance, when I got the opportunity to read, and ...