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Kurt Weston photography at OCCCA

A Brief (#tbt) Interview with Photographer Kurt Weston

A brief #tbt q&a with award-winning, legally blind photographer, and HIV and LGBTQ+ activist Kurt Weston.

Award-Winning Photographer Kurt Weston

Light, Vision and Story – A Post about Award-Winning Photographer Kurt Weston I mentioned photographer Kurt Weston , one of my first mentors, in a previous post. Here, I’d like to talk more about his amazing photography work. Kurt Weston is a photographer based in Orange County, California. I became aware of his work back ...

Preserving Memories

Preserving Memories – The Case of the Katyn Memorial As photographers–or writers or creatives, in general–we get to capture moments, preserve memories. For those familiar with the Katyn memorial in Jersey City, the memorial, itself, might soon become a memory. If you haven’t seen the Katyn memorial on the waterfront, in Jersey City, you should…and ...

Writer-Photographer Collaborations

Things to Consider When Working with Other Creatives As many of you might know, I am a writer and photographer. Hence, I often work with other writers and photographers. Sometimes I do get to photograph and interview someone for a magazine article. Other times, I team up with another photographer or writer, each doing his ...