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Hawaii Clouds. Photo by Alina Oswald.

Photographing Thanksgiving

How to capture Thanksgiving holiday in images.

Photography and Mood – II

Photography and Mood. Fun in Hawaii.

2018 – Highlights

Looking Back at My 2018 As the year draws to an end, I'd like to share with you a few of what I consider my highlights of this year. Interviewing and photographing the amazing artist, author and activist Avram Finkelstein for A&U Magazine--America's AIDS Magazine. Photographing the blood supermoon lunar eclipse: Reconnecting with the Orange ...

How I Got That Shot: Hope – A Bauhaus Rendering

How I Got That Shot: Hope - A Bauhaus Rendering Many years ago I was introduced to Bauhaus photography and Bauhaus photography movement as a member of a photography society based in New York City. We would meet once a month and discuss our goals in photography. We would also come up with photo assignments ...

Helicopter in the Sky. Photo by Alina Oswald.

New Gear: Nikon 28-300mm all-in-one lens

New Gear - Nikon 28-300mm Lens Lately I've been taking a second, and third look through my gear--photo and lighting gear--trying to decide what and if to sell and/or replace old lenses and whatnot. I've looked at what I thought I'd like to photograph years ago and what I used to photograph more, and the ...

Photographing Summer

Photographing Summer Here in the US, Memorial Day weekend also marks the beginning of summer. Summer is my favorite season. It symbolizes, among others, beautiful weather, nice temperatures, maybe even time to relax, to travel or go on an adventure, or carefree days.... We also tend to capture summer or, better said, our summer adventures, ...