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On Travel Photography

Tips on travel photography and traveling light.

Perspectives – Haleakala

Point-of-View in Photography Photographing Haleakala   As photographers, we are visual storytellers. We choose a point of view, vantage point or perspective from which to tell that story. A short, one-image story might require either an overall perspective (shoot with a wide angle lens to capture the entire scene, for example) or a tight shot, ...

Luxury Travel and Other Photo Projects

Working on Luxury Travel (and Similar) Photography Projects   As a photographer, I usually cover portraits and editorials. Sometimes I work with other artists, covering the photography or photo editing and retouching side of a much bigger and more complex project. Some other times I get to photograph engagements and weddings. And every once in ...

Old New Orleans cajun rum

Crescent City

Many years ago, on my very first trip to New Orleans, I remember I drove past a sign which read: “NO Airport.” I took me a moment to realize that that meant “New Orleans Airport.” New Orleans goes by other names. Many might know NOLA as Crescent City, the Big Easy or Mardi Gras City. ...