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Photographing Rainbows

Photographing Rainbows Some say that rainbows are symbols of hope. I tend to believe that. I love rainbows. There’s something awe-inspiring, breathtaking about them. So, let’s take a look at photographing rainbows. What is a rainbow? Without getting too much into the science behind the rainbows, we’ve learned in school that when white light passes ...


Mother Nature and Our Self-Portraits: The Brocken Spectre

A Different Kind of Self-Portrait: Mother Nature and Brocken Spectre, aka Brockengespenst or the Ghost of Brocken Nowadays we live in a world of selfies. But Mother Nature, amazing as She always is, offers us a new kind of self-portrait…the image of our shadow surrounded by a rainbow, an optical illusion known as the Brocken ...