Welcome to my website! I am a writer and photographer documenting the AIDS pandemic and the LGBTQ+ community; Arts Editor of A&U Magazine–America’s AIDS Magazine and contributing writer/photographer to Out IN Jersey Magazine. My work has also appeared in local, national and international publications, including Go NYC Magazine, Jersey Journal, Next Door Magazine, Journal of Cultural Geography, GCN, NY Blade, Jersey City Independent, and others.

self-portrait in black and white

In addition, my photography and photography-related writing have been featured in Precise Moment photo magazine as well as in ARTSnFOOD Magazine and ART in My Kitchen, a podcast by artist Jack Atkinson, Founder, Editor and Publisher of ARTSnFood Magazine.

I’m also an NYIP photography instructor. Find out what my NYIP students say about me (thank you very much!)

Quite often, I’m invited to participate on panel discussions, to talk about photography, HIV and AIDS, and women empowerment, among others. For several years now I’ve been a regular guest on celebrity host Ron B‘s show, No Boundaries Up Close and Personal, produced and directed by Gloria Messer.

On World AIDS Day 2018 I was also on a panel discussion while attending the opening of Kurt Weston‘s photography show Remember: An AIDS Retrospective, at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. The award-winning photographer invited me and others to talk about HIV, AIDS, PrEP and U = U, and also, HIV-inspired artwork.

  • Man with Beard. Black-and-white portrait by Alina Oswald.
  • Actor and Advocate David Mixner photographed by Alina Oswald for A&U Magazine.
  • Actor Steve Hayes photographed by Alina Oswald for A&U Magazine.
  • U = U and HIV/AIDS Activist Bruce Richman photographed by Alina Oswald for A&U Magazine.
  • Actor Adam B. Shapiro photographed for A&U Magazine--America's AIDS Magazine.
  • photographing men
  • Avram Finkelstein photographed for the June 2019 cover of A&U Magazine by Alina Oswald. All Rights Reserved.
  • Bruce Richman. U = U Campaign. Photo for A&U Magazine by by Alina Oswald.
  • Dr. Bobby Muduli. Studio Portrait by Alina Oswald. All Rights Reserved.
  • Activist Carlos Idibouo photographed by Alina Oswald.
  • Photographing Men. Photo by Alina Oswald.
  • Writer and activist John F. Leonard photographed by Alina Oswald.
  • Singer/Songwriter, Author and Advocate Henry Goldring photographed by Alina Oswald for A&U Magazine--America's AIDS Magazine.
  • Mr. Eagle NYC 2020. Photo by Alina Oswald. All Rights Reserved.

My photo work, related to HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ+ and also nature/the environment, has been included in NYC-area art shows and galleries, such as Visual AIDS, Leslie-Lohman Museum, SoHo Photo Gallery, LITM, La Vie Galerie, and others.

B&W nature photography by Alina Oswald on canvas at La Vie Galerie.
My b&w nature photography on canvas displayed at La Vie Galerie.

A former board member of Professional Women Photographers, I’m also a member of the Infinity Photographic Society and Undetectable flash collective, in New York City.


WORLD PRIDE 2019 read: Pioneer WorksAvram Finkelstein cover story published in A&U Magazine–America’s AIDS Magazine

Author of Journeys Through Darkness: A Biography of award-winning legally blind photographer Kurt Weston

Other Books and Photobooks

My images can also be found online. Please visit:


Fine Art America


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Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Stunning B & W photography.

    (I saw your comment on Don Urban’s site).



    1. Thank you! I love b&w :-). Appreciate your note.

      Liked by 1 person


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