Guest Post: Zombie Opera

Coming up on Saturday, October 29, 2022, in Jersey City, NJ

This Halloween, the amazing Catriona Rubenis-Stevens shares a few sneak-peek videos announcing the 2022 Zombie Opera event taking place on Saturday, October 29, in Jersey City‘s Hamilton Square Park.

Zombie Opera. Singers: Kofi Hayford & Molly Dunn; Director: Catriona Rubenis-Stevens; Costumed & Styled: Pat Christodulidis; Filmed & Edited: Jake Primmerman; Makeup: Hair is Happiness.


singers – Kofi Hayford & Molly Dunn

Director – Catriona Rubenis-Stevens (@mammamakesmovies on IG). Check out her work posted on Vimeo.

Costumed & Styled – Pat Christodulidis

Filmed & Edited – Jake Primmerman
Makeup – Hair is Happiness

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