Celebrating Jersey Pride Month

It’s August and you know what that means:

  • summer is coming to an end
  • it’s New Jersey Pride Month

This last weekend of August, Jersey City celebrates JC Pride Fest. Here are a few things to look for and photograph:

  • Love is Love. Celebrating Jersey City Pride.

Multi-color hearts in chalk on the streets of Jersey City, NJ, during JC Pride Fest. ©Alina Oswald. All Rights Reserved.

Also, check out my feature interview with celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz published in Out IN Jersey Magazine.

Here’s another feature article, “Journeys and Destinations,” an interview with a Jersey City visual artist, Deb Sinha, also published in Out IN Jersey Magazine

Also, read my feature article with Jersey City artist and activist, and co-founder of JC Pride, Miquel Cardenas, published in A&U Magazine

Happy Jersey Pride to those who celebrate!

To all my followers and readers, as always, thank you for stopping by!

Alina Oswald

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