Dos & Don’ts

Here’s another look at “Dos &Don’ts of Freelance-Client Relationships.” Something definitely worth reminding us, freelancers, every once in a while. Hope you enjoy the (re)read!

…of freelance-client relationships

Ah, the small things in life…. This past weekend I read a book just to give my mind a break, no strings attached. I needed it for my sanity, and it allowed me the time to rethink my to-do and to-don’t lists for the near and not-so-near future.

That, in turn, helped me come up with an idea for today’s blog post: do’s and don’ts of working with photographers, writers and other creatives. Here are a few of such experiences I’ve encountered over the years:

DON’T tell a photographer any variation of: “You take nice pictures. You must have a nice camera.”

Also, DON’T tell a writer that they have a nice keyboard or typewriter or pen, hence the bestseller. Or a chef, that they have a good oven, hence the delicious meal, etc.

DON’T offer a mask, pop tarts (or junk food of any kind for…

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