Out IN Jersey Magazine Photo Contest

Pride Hearts in Jersey City. Photo by Alina Oswald.

A new photo contest FREE to enter

I know, I know, the holidays are upon us. Still, this time of year is also a time to think ahead at new possibilities and opportunities.

Hence, how about trying your hand and submitting to a brand new (and FREE to enter) photography contest judged by yours truly?

Yeah, that’s right. Out IN Jersey Magazine introduces a new photo contest and the chance to be featured in the publication.

Its next issue is the February/March 2022 issue. And since February is all about Valentine’s Day and love, here’s the first challenge for the photographers and photo-makers out there:

Camera Beads © Alina Oswald.

THEME: Love/Valentine’s Day

Photo Challenge: With the upcoming Valentine’s Day in mind, capture a photograph that completes the following sentence:  “You know what they say: where there is love, there is ___________”





  • number of images: up to THREE (3)
  • image file type: jpg, JPG
  • image file size restrictions: low-resolution (save the high-resolution file to submit in case you win) – 92 DPI, 1024 pixels on the longest side
  • image file name: FirstName_LastName_1.jpg FirstName_LastName_2.jpg FirstName_LastName_3.jpg
  • use any camera – smartphone cameras, point-and-shoot, DSLRs, mirrorless, etc.
  • YOU should be the OWNER of the images and you should have PERMISSION to submit the images!

Email your images to: alinaoswald@outinjersey.net

SUBJECT LINE: OIJ Feb/Mar 2022 Photo Contest

IMPORTANT: In the body of your email, for each submitted image, please include: title, caption, and an email address to be contacted.


The winner will be contacted no later than Friday, December 10. Please have your images available in high resolution, for print publication. The winner will be interviewed for the magazine. The interview will be published as a podcast, online, and as a feature, in the print issue of the magazine. EMAIL YOUR ENTRY ASAP!

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