When Photographing People during COVID-19

Green Surgical Mask. Photo by Alina Oswald.

Safety measures to consider when photographing people in 2021 yet still during the Coronavirus pandemic

Believe it or not, thanks to individuals who still refuse to wear masks or to wear masks correctly and keep a safe distance, the coronavirus pandemic is still upon us, and so are the never-ending but never-enforced lockdowns, shutdowns, and quarantines. So, what’s a photographer to do, especially when said photographer used to make a living photographing people (in a pre-Covid world, that is)?

Here are a few ideas:

“I’ll Cover You” B&W self-portrait. ©Alina Oswald. All Rights Reserved.

Do not photograph people until is completely safe to do so. That might that a very, very…very long time, though.

Instead of photographing people, photograph landscape photography, nature, cityscapes, and architecture. Or take on product photography–jewelry, food, items around the house. (photographing product comes in handy when organizing your place, for example; you might want to do a household inventory, photograph and organize everything that you own, decide on what you want to keep and what to donate or resell)

If and when photographing people in 2021 during COVID-19, consider the following:

Surgical mask in b&w and in color. ©Alina Oswald. All Rights Reserved.

Are you willing to risk your health or other people’s health in order to photograph people again? If yes, is that a calculated risk? And is it worth it?

If you decide that the risk is relatively small and worth it (and it might be), ask yourself this: Do both parties–photographer and human subjects–have to be fully vaccinated (with proof) and do photo shoots need to be scheduled at least two weeks after the second shot? (just to be on the very safe side)

Discarded. Corona art in b&w. Available at Fine Art America. ©Alina Oswald.

Are masks and safety distance (6ft) required, at least for the photographer, even if both parties are vaccinated, and especially if the photo shoot takes place in a (small) studio?

Not Forgotten” Corona art in b&w. Award-winning photography also available at Fine Art America. ©Alina Oswald.

Consider having desinfectant wipes or spray available at the photo shoot.

Consider rethinking your rates, while taking into consideration the COVID-related risks involved. Consider working only with clients who respect the new COVID safety measures, and who respect you and your work.

#WearaMask A #tbt from the early moments of #CoronavirusPandemic.

Whatever the case, remember how COVID-19 has changed your lives, all our lives, and plan accordingly.

Hope this finds you all well and, as always, thanks for stopping by.

Alina Oswald

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