Month: April 2018

Manhattan Skyline. Pinhole photography by Alina Oswald

World Pinhole Photography Day

World Pinhole Photography Day Several years ago I became part of a photo society here, in NYC. My first assignment was pinhole photography. I believe my first image to get a few people’s attention was a pinhole image I called “Bed of Tulips.” Some might be familiar with that image and the story behind it. ...

Photographic Perspectives

Vantage Points in Photography Using tight and wide shots to tell a visual story In a way, the concept of photographing from a particular vantage point is similar to writing from a particular point of view (POV). Both vantage point (or angle) and point of view define the perspective from which we tell the story, ...

Hands of Katyn Soldier statue. Photo by Alina Oswald.

On Photographing Hands

Posing and Photographing Hands   When photographing people, we often focus on facial expressions, eyes, and so on. We don’t have to worry about hands when we capture headshots (portraits showing only the head and the shoulders of a person), but if we show more than the head and shoulders, we have to include hands. ...


Covering news, events and happenings Shuttle Enterprise Photographing Hurricane Sandy   Photographing Winter Blizzards in NYC Area Ceremonies surrounding the death of late Polish president, April 2010: 9/11 Tribute Lights and Ceremonies in NYC Area: Silence = Death 30th Anniversary at the Leslie Lohman museum of art. Also, read the article published in A&U Magazine–America’s ...

On Travel Photography

Tips on travel photography and traveling light.

Cropping for Print

Cropping Your Images for Print Recently a friend of mine reminded me of print images and cropping images to fit in the frames available for purchase. And that kind of made me think about photographing and cropping for print–that is, with a printed image in mind as a final product. I’m the first to admit ...

Photographing Men in Shirts and T-Shirts

Photographing Men   Men photographed on location:

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