My 12 Defining Moments of 2016

When does the final countdown of an year begin? Is it Thanksgiving? Is it the winter holidays? Either way, as this year is coming to an end (they always do, don’t day?), I try to take that last look at 2016 and remember it by some of, what I consider, its most remarkable events. So, to make a year-long story short, here you have it, twelve of my most important memories of 2016.

1. Being on Ron B’s show, several times this year, and also one memorable time at the end of last year, I believe. Here’s what A&U had to say about it in an article published early this year, No Boundaries: Up Close and Personal

Ron B No Boundaries MNN
Ron B performing during No Boundaries show, at MNN, Manhattan Neighborhood Network

2. Reconnecting with old friends. I don’t do this often enough, and maybe I should.

3. Having the chance to interview  Timothy Ray Brown, the only individual so far cured of HIV, the October 2016 cover of A&U Magazine–America’s AIDS Magazine.

4. Visiting places I’ve always wanted to visit, like the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.

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5. Photographing, among others, the wedding of two wonderful friends, and their cat, Miss Octavia, the wedding planner in charge.

6. Getting to reconnect with people I admire, as well as meeting new wonderful people, too.

7. Finally realizing where I want to take my photography and where I want my photography to take me, and hoping I’m on my way.

8. Finding myself in photographing (gay) men and discovering the shades of gray in black-and-white while at it.

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9. Writing about one of my favorite topics, black-and-white photography, and being published in Moment Precise online photography magazine.

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10. Having the chance to connect with some of my students; they always brighten my day and lift my spirit.

11. Being mentioned in an A&U article celebrating 25 years of A&U.

12. Making some realistic plans for the upcoming year and working on my personal bucket list.

Now that I shared what I consider my defining moments of 2016, what are your most remarkable memories of the year that’s coming to an end?

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Alina Oswald



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