Remembering Hurricane Sandy

Flooded street during Hurricane Sandy. Photo by Alina Oswald.

Four years ago, on October 29, Sandy–that is Hurricane Sandy or how others still call it, Superstorm Sandy–paid us a visit. It ravaged the New York City and New Jersey shore area, leaving behind destruction, despair, and also hope.

It so happens that nature and in particular severe weather are some of my favorite subjects to photograph. And so, I did take some shots of Hurricane Sandy–before, during, and after. The result is a short photography book I called Sandy Tales–Snapshots from a Hurricane.

That kind of storm stays with you forever. The sound of the wind against your window. The sight of water taking over the streets. And the eerie silence that makes the night seem even darker, once the eye of Sandy is right above you. And then, after what feels like an infinity, the first ray of sunlight offers a first glimpse at what’s left behind. And you think…it’s time to get to work. Recover. Regroup. Rebuild.


    1. Hallo Klaus,

      Thanks for your nice comment. Among others and whenever possible, I do photograph nature, weather and in particular severe weather. I often get to capture blizzards that cross our area. Hurricane Sandy was something else. Puts things into perspective in many ways. Thanks again!


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