Spanish Bay, by Hans Hirschi – A Book Tour

Spanish Bay, by Hans Hirschi – A Book Tour


So here I am, sharing another post as part of the Spanish Bay book tour. I’d like to start with how I actually got to read Hans Hirschi’s novels. As I might have mentioned in a previous post, it all started with The Fallen Angels of Karnataka, a novel that literally fell on my lap, and I reviewed for A&U Magazine–America’s AIDS Magazine. Yes, Fallen Angels touches on HIV and AIDS, but in quite a subtle way, different from your usual HIV-related (or inspired) kind of literature.

Spanish Bay, by Hans M. Hirschi, book cover
Spanish Bay, a novel by Hans M. Hirschi

Then I had the chance to meet Hans Hirschi in person, in New York City, last year around the holidays. He stopped by the LGBT Center in Manhattan to read from some of his books, and meet his fans on this side of the ocean. So, see, I had to stop by and introduce myself.

I’ve been keeping track of Hans Hirschi’s books ever since.

Here’s yet another excerpt from his new novel, Spanish Bay:

“Neil had a strange relationship with his chair. It was a good chair, comfortable and with great wheels–a Mustang of wheelchairs–but it was still a wheelchair, and no one else appreciated that it was special, lightweight, made from aluminum and carbon fiber and with snazzy rims. To them it was just a wheelchair.

“He owed his mobility to that chair; it allowed him to move around and live his life almost as independently as he had before. […] Some people felt pity for him, like his grandma Alice–his dad mom’s–who’d tear up every time she saw him, sorry for his condition, reminding him painfully of what he’d lost. […] Then there were the bullies, […] he simply saw him as a target for their frustration and their own low self-esteem.


“And then there was Chris. Handsome, kind Chris. It were as if he didn’t even see the chair. He saw Neil.”

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Alina Oswald

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